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“I know that I know nothing,” Socrates.

We want you to get the most out of our blog, but just as Socrates we know nothing compared to the knowledge that is out there, so here is a list of other blogs and sites we find worthwhile for you to follow:

  1. Green City Trips: Eco-friendly things to do and places to stay in city travel destinations around the world:
  2. Goodtrippers: The eat/sleep/do guide for responsible travelers:
  3. Sustainability Leaders: Everything on the world´s leading sustainable tourism businesses and places:
  4. The International Wanderer
    Love to wander? Visit this inspiring live and travel abroad resource! Guides for every country with destination information on how to work, study or volunteer, working holiday & other visas. A global expat community directory. Travel tips & expert advice via a travel and expat blog. Thousands of volunteer abroad, study abroad, jobs abroad and intern abroad opportunities & global “things to do” and “where to stay”options to help you plan and book your trip.
  5. Give For Granted: Great blog by Jenna Davis, who left her ordinary life behind to travel the world and do good:

This list will be updated as we go along. If you know of any great sites including responsible travel, sustainble tourism, volunteering opportunities and on how to give back while traveling please get in touch, we love to hear from you!

Photo Credit: Francesca Palazzi via


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