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Ode to my home town, Munich, Germany


Oh Munich, it is time again for us to meet anew

The hours we used to spend together were far from few,

Yet, for a while now I have been away

And every time I visit you beg me to stay.

Despite my absence, though, you should know,

How dear you are to my heart,

Yes, being away from you is oftentimes pretty hard.

You are part of me like no other,

Except maybe my father and mother.

We have a bound impossible to break –

Believe me, even with my absence it is never at stake.

I promise you there will come the day,

When I come to you saying “I´m here to stay.”


Picture credit: barnyz via


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17 thoughts on “Ode to my home town, Munich, Germany

  1. I also love Munich – I have only visited once and many many years ago but would love to go back again one day…


  2. I feel that way about my home in Nova Scotia, Canada too.

    I visited Munich, Germany a few months ago and it is a beautiful place to call home.


    • Hi Lesley, when I lived in Canada, I really wanted to visit Nova Scotia, but never made it in the end. It´s surely on my list for my next visit. And I am glad you liked Munich, its such a heartful and kind place for a city.


  3. betsywuebker on said:

    What a lovely sentiment. We’re looking forward to returning to Munich next month. It will be my third, and my husband’s second visit. We just love it.


  4. Nice poem. I have’t made it to Germany yet but would love to find my way there – one day….


    • Hi Jennifer, you should definetly plan it in some day as there is so much to discover. Other than Munich, of course, I would recommend visiting Nürnberg, Leipzig, Berlin and Hamburg as this gives you a great overview of what our lovely country has to offer 🙂


  5. Beautiful poem. I wish I felt this way about where I grew up!


    • Thanks Christy. I did not feel so strongly about Munich until recently, especially not while I was still living there, but last time I visited it just hit me and I had the urge to share this feeling with the world. Where is it that you´re from originally?


  6. That’s so beautiful! I’ve been to Munich few times but it was all ages ago, 10 or so years! And now I really would love to return to remind myself the city. You just made me think of it again! 🙂


  7. What a beautiful poem, I can definitely tell that how much you held value of Munich to your heart. I haven’t visit Munich yet but it’s on my bucket list.


  8. What a beautiful poem, I can definitely tell that how much you held value of Munich to your heart. I haven’t visit Munich yet but it’s on my bucket list.


  9. Wonderful tribute, I would love to visit Munich again, it’s been like over 20 years.


  10. The last time I visited Munich was in 1996, I should really make time to go back and see how much it’s changed.


  11. Marie-Louise Schmeer-Sturm on said:

    Hallo Eva, ich bin ganz gerührt von diesem schönen Gedicht! Natürlich würden wir uns alle sehr freuen, wenn Du eines Tages zurückkommst, so schön Edinburgh auch ist…


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