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3 reasons to visit Social Bite in Edinburgh


There are a lot of great places in Edinburgh, some of which Fran introduced to you a few weeks back if you are looking for purely vegetarian or vegan food. One of my favourite eats, however, in Edinburgh is the Social Bite, which is present at two locations in Edinburgh and two more in Glasgow. My three main reasons why you should give it a go in either of these locations are as follows:

  • Treat yourself

The menu at the social bite has been created by a Michelin starred chef, which gives this place a competitive edge. There is a delicious variety of sandwiches, wraps and other treats freshly prepared every day. The prices are absolutely affordable as well, so it´s the perfect food on the go when exploring Edinburgh.

  • Support the local community

As a social enterprise, the social bite supports the re-integration of homeless people with one out of four members of staff being formerly homeless. Social bite helps them find accommodation, make sure their hygiene is perfect and give them an income to start over for a better life. Furthermore, you have the possibility to pay for food or coffees in advance for homeless or generally people in financial difficulties to pick up in a moment of need. These are both great ways to support the local community.

  • Aid national and international development

Besides being a social enterprise, the social bite also describes itself as a fully social business with 100% of the profits going to national and international charities. These range from supporting children living in poverty in Scotland from to supporting microloans for women in Africa. And as a guest you even have the chance to give your vote on which charity they should be supporting next.

What is your favourite bite on the go in Edinburgh?


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