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Where to go for vegetarian food in Edinburgh

To start, I have to admit that I am not a vegetarian. I was raised vegetarian and also tried being vegan for a while, but it didn’t work out for me. Still, I absolutely enjoy vegetarian and vegan food. The variety of flavours and options is highly underestimated, especially here in the UK I found. This is why I wanted to share my three favourite places in Edinburgh with you, which are amazing for vegetarian and vegan food: one for food to go, one for laid back eating in and one for a lovely dinner experience. Enjoy. 🙂

1) Filled tatties, a very British experience – The Baked Potato Shop

Baked potato shop

Just on Cockburn Street, which is pronounced without the “ck” my lovelies 😉 you can find the wee Baked Potatoe Shop which offers, guess what…..baked potatoes. They come in three sizes small, medium, large, with various kinds of fillings. I haven’t tried all of them yet, but I will keep working on it. And as the Brits think anyway a meal is not a proper meal without some potato in it, this is a very cultural experience as well. My favourite fillings at the moment are the quinoa salad and avocado salad. But they also have an amazingly spicy humus, which is delicious. The only downside is the amount of packaging you get with it. All the cutlery, etc. is disposable and creates loads of trash. And it is rather a place to grab food to go than to sit in as it just has one table available. It doesn’t have a website, but the address is 56 Cockburn Street, Old Town, Edinburgh.

2) The Art of Food – Henderson´s

Henderson’s on Hanover Street is not just vegetarian but also organic. It opened in 1962 as an outlet for the produce of husband and wife Mac and Janet’s East Lothian Farm. Today it offers contemporary vegetarian cuisine while holding to its founding philosophy: delicious, wholesome food using fresh, local ingredients and all at affordable prices. In the bistro food is offered in a more canteen style setting to canteen prices, but still relaxing and quite laid back. The adjacent restaurant has more sophisticated dishes to offer (e.g. the polenta tower with portobello mushrooms) and is also a platform for artists and features musical performances in the evenings. Their range of salads is amazing and if you are a student you get a 10% discount.

3) Dinner goes Veggie – David Bann

One place I highly recommend is David Bann on St Mary’s Street. Just reading through the menu makes you feel a little, or maybe a big hunger creeping up. It is a stylish vegetarian restaurant (with also a few vegan options) in the heart of the city and definitely contradicts the still very common perception that Great Britain is behind when it comes to trends in the food industry. Order an olive polenta with roasted vegetables and goats curd as a starter, stir fried vegetables with udon noodles and smoked tofu as a main and for dessert indulge yourself with maybe a whisky pannacotta with warm pear, to keep it Scottish? Oh happy days. 😀

If you are more of a self-supplier and maybe booked yourself into an Airbnb accommodation, where you have the opportunity to cook, check out Real Foods. The online store for fairtrade, organic, special diet and vegetarian produce, which is shipping worldwide, has two location based stores in Edinburgh.

I hope this made your mouth a bit watery. I think I am going out for food now. 😉

Does anyone have any other recommendations of vegan or vegetrian restaurants in Edinburgh? If yes, I am keen to hear them. Please post below. Cheers.


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