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Plant a tree to offset your travels carbon emissions?


No matter where you go, you´ll leave an environmental footprint.

I am about to travel to China within just a few days time and just got my flight ticket this morning. I will take a direct flight from Munich, Germany, to Shanghai and again a direct flight from Beijing to Munich. Awesome!

Yet, my ticket also revealed some not so flattering information about my trip, which is my environmental footprint for this flight. The average carbon emissions of this trip per person are 1174.66kg! Can you imagine that? That is more then 22times my body weight in Carbon emissions just for one return flight. Is that responsible?

Not going or stop travelling would never be an option for me. I want to see the world and I am sure the world wants to see me 😉 I am always looking to minimize any potential negative impact and increase the positive impact of my presence wherever I go and direct flights are already better than stop overs from an environmental point of view, but looking at this number still took my breath away.

What can we do to “offset” carbon emissions? Is it enough to pay an extra fee to a charity that may or may not do something environmental friendly with that money?

Funnily enough, I came about the following video this morning by The Master Shift  promoting the planting of a tree for the 2015 Earth Day on the 22nd of April.

So I decided to plant something before I leave Germany to offset my emmissions. What do you do?

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