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3 nature trails you should not miss when visiting Edinburgh, Scotland

Arthurs seat

Enjoying the sunshine on Arthur´s Seat.

Edinburgh is known for its culture and heritage as UNESCO world heritage site, but it is also one of the greenest cities I know. Full of wee little parks there are a number of opportunities to enjoy the sunshine once it is actually out. When visiting Edinburgh you surely should not miss to visit any of the following three nature trails:

1) Arthurs Seat

Climbing up the side of a dead volcano one expects to do in New Zealand or Chile, but not many people know that Edinburgh was built around a dead volcano and it´s vents. Arthur´s Seat and the Holyrood Park around it are dedicated area of special geological interest and therewith fully kept in their natural state. Going up on Arthur´s seat is one of the must do´s in Edinburgh, if not for the great exercise than at least to enjoy the marvellous view one has from its top. It is the number one activity on TripAdvisor, but according to the one star reviews one can find there one has to warn people that there are no amenities on top, which I personally think make it even more special.

2) Water of Leith walkway

There are a variety of lovely walk ways along Edinburgh´s great wee stream, called “The Water of Leith”. One of my favourite things to do is to buy some snacks and fresh produce at the farmers market in Stockbridge on a Sunday before taking a walk along the water and then have a picnic in front of the National Gallery of Modern Art or at the Royal Botanic Gardens.

If you have a little more time another great option is to take the number 10 Lothian Bus to Colinton village, which is a lovely wee village in the outskirts of Edinburgh. From here you can pass through Spylaw Park and walk along the Water of Leith all the way to Leith. On the way you will pass besides others the Murrayfield Stadium, Donaldson School for the deaf, Dean Village and much more. Again, I would recommend you to bring yourself some food and drink as there are not too many opportunities to purchase things along the way.

3) Cramond Island

Another thing that is being easily missed when visiting Edinburgh only for a short period of time is how close it actually is to the coast. One of my favourite places to get some beach time in Edinburgh is in Cramond. When the tide is low you can walk all the way to Cramond Island, but be sure to come back before late as there is no boat service and you may get stuck on the island if you do not return before the tide rises again. You can check the tides in advance online here.

What are your favourite places around Edinburgh to experience some nature?



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