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At the top of Cairn Gorm mountain, Scotland

At the cairngorms, Scotland

At the cairngorms, Scotland

The snow was glistening from the reflected sunrays as I was standing at the top of Cairn Gorm mountain. It was my first time in the Scottish Cairngorms and I was utterly amazed.

Fairy tales like “The Snow Queen” or “Frozen” came to my mind. I caught myself searching for a castle made of pure ice, with towers elegantly slim, reaching for the sky….maybe even scratching it. Space, open, wide and sparkling white opened itself up in front of me. It almost appeared blue, but just a hint, reflected and caused by the perfectly blue sky. The noise in the background was a mixture of chatting and skis going down the slopes. Stupidly I was wearing old boots, so the grip on the snowy, icy surface was almost nonexistent. Carefully I took a step and another one, paying attention not to step on icy bits and to stick to the snow. I could feel the cold creeping through my soles and heard the partly frozen snow crushing under my feet. I let my gaze wander and took in every bit of the surrounding area, eyes wandering up the mountains in the distance till they reached the clouds. They were pouring around and in between the mountaintops like waterfalls. Layers of cotton pouring into valleys of high altitude. Others looked like they were actively climbing the mountain tops. Strings of cotton, but also silk, smooth and perfect, but steady and strong at the same time….. It was a second dynamic mountain range, set one level further to the back.

I crouched down, took my gloves off and dug my hands deep into the snow, forming a wee ball. The heat of my hands made the snow melt slightly and the water was moisturising my skin. The ice cold snowball made my fingers tingle, as I raised it to my cheek and pressed it against my warm skin. The cool snow felt soothing on my warm cheek, which was warm from the walk on less icy paths before. My feet by contrast could do with a hot water bottle I decided.

I waited for the funicular to take me down to the car park again.

On the way back to the car it happened. I walked beside the path, because I wanted to hear the snow under my feet. I didn’t pay attention, stepped on a small patch of ice and ended up in the snow. It has been years that that happend to me. I rolled from my bum onto my back, stretched my arms and legs out really long and moved them like they were windscreens. I created a beautiful and perfect snowangel, while laughing like a little girl.


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3 thoughts on “At the top of Cairn Gorm mountain, Scotland

  1. francaangloitalian on said:

    That looks beautiful! We are heading to Scotland next week, maybe we can have a poke around and explore this area too 🙂


    • franzi5ka on said:

      Hey Franca, great that you are coming to Scotland. Very good choice! 🙂 The nature is just gorgeous. How long are you coming for and do you already have a travel route in mind? Feel free to contact me via the contact form at the top of this page (“contact”) if you need any recommendations. Safe travels, Fran


    • Hi Franca, let me know when you are in Edinburgh. It would be nice to meet for a pint or dram of Whisky if you fancy?


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