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5 things you have to do to immerse in the Scottish culture

1)      Have Haggis, Neeps and Tatties

Haggis is the Scottish National dish and is traditionally served with Neeps (Turnips) and Tatties (Potatoes). As most National meals it used to be what poor people ate. In order to make Haggis you take all the parts of a sheep that are not worth selling like the heart, lungs, liver and such, mash it all up together with oats and some herbs and stuff it in the sheep’s stomach. Once this is done you just boil it for approximately an hour (for a 500g Haggis) and serve it with mashed turnips and mashed potatoes. Yum!

2)      Drink yourself through the Scottish Whisky regions

Even though a Japanese Whisky recently won the price of best Whisky in the world, the Scottish Whisky is still remarkable. There are five main Whisky making regions in Scotland all with their distinctive characteristics in regards to the Whisky they produce. You have not tasted Scotland without having tried at least one of each region. Yet, you shall NEVER order your dram with ice as that will force the aromatic oils in the Whisky to tighten and you won´t taste much of them anymore. Order it with a side glass of water, whereas after nosing (basically sniffing) and tasting the Whisky first pure, you pour a wee bit of the water into the Whisky to fully taste the whole banquette of flavours a single malt Whisky carries. Enjoy!

3)      Dance a Ceilidh

Ceilidh is the traditionally Scottish dance and a whole lot of fun guaranteed! And a good exercise, too 😉 If you don´t come out bruised the next day, you did not do it right!

Dancing Ceilidh

Dancing Ceilidh

4)      Visit Stirling to find out about the true story of “Braveheart”

Forget about Mel Gibson and go to Stirling to find out the true story behind the movie “Braveheart”. While being a marvellous and inspirational movie indeed, a lot of the history is rather distorted.

5)      Leave Edinburgh!

While Edinburgh is one of the most gorgeous cities you may ever lay your eyes upon, as many capital cities it has become quite cosmopolitan over the years. You need to leave Edinburgh to explore the Highlands and Islands to experience the true wild character of Scotland and the Scots. And don´t worry about the weather, it´s not wet, it´s atmospheric


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